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Framing Trends 2012

Frame trends in Ireland in 2012 are going to be quite reflective of where we stand as a country in our economic circumstances. A back to basics crafted look very much coming to the fore. The clean lines of natural wood and simple colours of black and white are very much leading the way. Simple and unpretentious, the focus is going to be very much on the photographic work, using the frame to encase and support the work rather than outshine it.
Metallic finishes are moving from what can be seen as over the top gold to more tasteful silvers and pewters.
For the more traditional tastes a classical French feel reflects a high quality without an over the top opulence providing a very organic frame to the work.
Bearing in mind the investment the customer has made in your work and the obvious trend toward value for money, consumers want to know that their product will last. Conservation materials are being used more and more in manufacturing to make the product less of a disposable item and more of an heirloom.
In photography framing for 2012 the ability to frame a beautiful piece of work on the wall that projects the image and draws the viewer in to that special moment captured in time will be the focus.