Gilding & Restoration

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Making the frame

Our beautiful, hand-gilded frames are individually crafted by professional gilders using traditional materials and techniques. The mitres (frame joins) are covered with strips of silk, these conceal the joins in the wood, giving the distinctive, flawless finish of a traditionally gilded frame. The frame is then treated with up to twenty layers of gesso, which is made from a rabbit skin glue solution and various stone chalks. A clay bole prepared from stone chalk, rabbit skin glue, water and raw paint pigment is carefully painted onto the surface of the frame and polished before gilding. Delicate leaves of gold are applied to the prepared surface. The frame is then toned to protect the gilded finish, this helps to balance it with the artwork.

Our clients include artists, art collectors, museums, art dealers, architects and interior designers. Our wood profiles are sourced and customised in Italy. Bespoke & Co will create a unique gilded frame to harmonise your fine art with its architectural environment. Our master craftsmen gild your fine art frames entirely by hand using 24ct gold leaf and centuries-old tools, techniques and materials. We are very proud of our hand-gilded frames. Each frame is individually designed and made to the client’s needs. Our gilded frames are made to the highest standards, each order is executed with the care and uncompromising quality that is unique to Bespoke & Co.

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